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Toys and Games

Anything is Possible

Depending on your requirements, your imagination and your budget any kind of web presence or web application is possible. We have the skills to create anything from a few basic pages to a fully animated, interactive or data-driven Website.

Click here to view our latest web portfolio.

Multimedia Experiences

We can display photographs and graphics and animate your site in anyway possible.
We can show films or videos and play sounds and music.
We can make any elements interactive, reacting to mouse movement or button clicks.

We can create product or photo galleries, music or video archives and present your organisation in any innovative and imaginative way you can think of.
Click here to view our evolving portfolio or browse the GeckoFoot site includining our Multimedia Introduction and our Wedsites for more examples.

We can offer you complete media solutions, creating professional and original Photography, Graphics, Sound and Video which can be used for your website - all within a budget. See Media Solutions for more information.

Creating these kind of solutions requires a certain set of tools and skills - see Web Tools for details.

Photography and Graphics

Dynamic Content

Whether you need an on-line shopping cart, dynamic or data driven web content or you just want collect information from your visitors - we can provide this functionality for you.

Not one tool or mechanism is applicable for every customer, that's why we mould our solutions to our clients.

E-Commerce - we can set up everything you need to have to run an online shop or service. In some cases we may be able to run the entire thing for you.

Data Driven - we can use basic text (or XML) files for storage, a simple database like MS Access or if you expect more visitors - we can use something more powerful like MS SQL Server. In some cases - dynamic content can be retrieved from a Web Service from a third party site.

Some dynamic solutions can be set up quickly with the tools we use, but for more complicated systems we often have to write bespoke web based software using various Web Languages.

Iterative Development within a Budget

When developing a business, we understand that budgets for new ideas and new business areas may be limited so we can develop a basic initial solution for you and build on that solution as and when more funds become available.

Sometimes you might want to develop or maintain a web-site in house - see Flexible Consultancy for how we could help here.

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