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We are a dynamic London based company developing specialist software and
web based media-rich solutions both for businesses and individuals.
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 Bar-Stock GeckoFoot New Media

We develop bespoke software using Microsoft and open source technologoes.
We can create simple websites or dynamic new media presentations.
We work on small to medium sized projects for businesses or individuals.
We consult on software and web development and can help coach or recruit skilled staff.

Bar-Stock is our Bar Stocktaking tool developed over the last 4 years in partnership with Bar Managers, Stocktakers and Venue Owners accross the UK, Ireland and the World.

GeckoFoot New Media is our web development and web services business focussing on good value, media-rich websites and services for small and medium sized businesses and individuals.

GeckoFoot Publishing is part of our New Media Business which focuses on publishing and hosting E-Books and their web sites. Our latest published work is The Logical Writing Method by James Michael Stephenson.

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