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Photography and Graphics

In the world of Digital Photography almost anything is possible. We can take original pictures, edit and filter them creating original logos or abstract graphics from real world objects.

We can take live pictures of people, products or places and align them to your particular image or theme.

We can combine elements realistically using our Media Tools creating inovative graphics for your Website or other Media presentations.

Check out Manex's personal site - for some more examples of original and edited protography.

Film and Video

We can create films and videos, combining live elements with studio elements edited together with text or original graphics.
We use a one or two man team for the entire creative process meaning we can keep costs to a minimum.

Existing footage can be edited to create showreels like this one for DarksideSFX created my Manex.

We can make good value adverts like this one for Melodica nightclub.
For more examples of Manex's work check out these adverts for Coppins, Winter World and the showreel for

Sound and Music

We can create all kinds of unique sound effects and original sound clips and music which we can add to any mutimedia experience we create for you. Click play in the adjacent control for examples of sound effects and music.

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