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Modernising Matinée Club

The guys in the electro pop band Matinée Club are engaging us in developing and hosting their new website.
After a number of years as The Modern they have rebranded and signed with Planet Clique Records.

Matinée Club has a unique style and sound which is difficult to pigeon-hole but difficult not to love.
They sing catchy pop tunes laced with keyboards and electronics and have a look that is glamourous and sexy.

The site will live at and you can check it now to listen to some of their music. The development is incremental and the final design for the website is yet to be approved so watch this space and the website for further developments..

The Band

Emma Cooke (pictured above) provides lead vocals with great flair, while Chi Tudor-Hart and Nathan Cooper support with great vocal and synth talent. Nathan and Chi are pictured right with Manex's sister Marlene and me (Jimbob) in the middle.

With some inventive re-mixes planned from Manhattan Clique and guest mixers and DJs - Matinée Club music is set to be heard more and more in the Dance world. Check out Matinée Club's MySpace to listen to the extended mix released with their last single Jane Falls Down.

Discothèque Français

They are currently working on releasing their new single Discothèque Français which should be out soon.

Manex has known the band for some time and has increasingly become involved in their photgraphy, video and graphics. He has developed the graphics for Discothèque Français and the website and this partnership is what has given birth to GeckoFoot's Media Solutions which we can now offer.

Watch this space for more developments and announcements.

Article written by Jimbob - 10th November 2006