Skills Profile

We have a broard range of skills and experiences using a using range of Web, Software and Media development tools and programing languages. From this we have selected a specific set of skills and tools which we use to develop your solutions.

There is alot of overlap between our three skill-sets but for simplicity we have seperated our skills and tools into them in to Web, Software and Media Skills.

Web Development

The main Web Development tools we use are:

Languages we used in Web development include:

Our main Database we recommend and use is MS SQL Server. We also use MS Access and MySQL databases for basic storage. For non-relational data we also use XML files and other mechanisms depending on your requirements.

Software Development

Microsoft Visual C#.NET is our main language and framework we use for Windows based Software Development development.

This covers development on all Windows based platforms - including Windows XP, 2003 Server and soon Windows Vista - plus Windows CE/Windows Mobile for Pocket PCs and Smart Phones.

Other key technologies used include:

Our backgrounds have included designing, implementing and managing significant C++ projects on Windows, UNIX or cross-platform in a number problem domains, but currently our main focus for Software Development is Windows based using C#.NET.

Media Development

We have a number of digital still cameras for almost any requirement, plus professional video cameras and recording equipment.

With these and the tools we employ - we can create professional portraits of people and products, create logos and add orignial video elements your own your website. Manex can also create professional Adverts and Videos or Commercials which can be developed in partnership with your website needs.

Tools we use include: