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Includes information about Menu Icons and Web Controls.
Click here for Site Map and information about Breadcrumbs.

Menu Icons

The menu bar contains the following icons:

Home Icon Home - Goes to the main home page.

Back Icon Back - Goes back to the previous page.

HTML Icon Switch to HTML - Switches to HTML style menu (currently unavailable).

HTML Icon Mail - Starts an e-mail to GeckoFoot.

HTML Icon Help - Shows this page.

HTML Icon Copyright - Shows the copyright message and privacy statement.

Web Controls

Hover Menus

These controls are used to navigate through the GeckoFoot website.
Hover over the menu control to show all options.
Click the main page link to visit the index page for that section.
Click on a sub-page to visit a specific page.

News/Link Controls

These controls show a headline or a summary of a news article or other page.
The headline is shown at the foot of the picture.
Hover over control to show more information about the story.
Click on the control to visit the aritcle or page.

RSS Feed Control

RSS or Realy Simple Syndication is a file format used for News Feeds or content
summaries from various websites.
The RSS Feed control is used to easily browse through articles.
The control will scroll through headlines when idle - click < or > to browse manually.
Hover over the control to show more information about a particular article.
Click on the control to visit the article's own page.
Click on the orange RSS icon for more information about RSS.